Exam Results

Year 11 - Key Stage 4 Headline Measures

Year of certification


Progress 8 Score -0.27
Attainment 8 Average 51.54

% of students achieving a good pass in English and Maths(1)


% of students achieving the English Baccalaureate(2)

Student destination %(3) 96

(1) For the cohort of 2015/16 a good pass in English and Maths was a C grade. This is also known as the Basics measure.

(2) For the 2015/16 cohort this means students who got a GCSE grade C or above in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a Language, and History or Geography)

(3) This measures the number of pupils who either stayed in education or went into employment after year 11 (after key stage 4). The data published in October 2016 is for pupils who finished Year 11 in 2014, which is the most recent data currently available.

The latest information about the school's examination performance can also be found on the Department for Education's School Performance Tables by following this link.


Historical Exam Results – Headline Measures Prior to 2015/16 (Year 11)

1) In 2014 the performance tables only counted the first entry for any qualification; these are the figures shown here. 

2) The English Baccalaureate requires students to achieve a C or better in English Language, Maths, two Sciences, a Language, and either History or Geography. This measure was introduced in 2010.
3) Expected Progress measures the difference between Key Stage 2 results from Year 6 with GCSE outcomes in Year 11. Students with Level 4 in Year 6 are expected to progress to a GCSE grade C or better; Level 5 to B or better; and so on. This measure was introduced in 2009.

Historical Exam Results – Headline Measures Prior to 2015/16 (Year 13)

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