Chew Valley School is part of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership.  We share many of the same policies with other schools in the Trust.  Over time all statutory school policies will be Trust wide policies.  At the moment the following policies are shared by all schools in the Multi Academy Trust.


Business Ethics Policy
Charging and Remissions Policies
Complaints Policy
Data Protection Policy
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Policy
Health and Safety
Members Trustees and Governors' Allowances Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

You can find details of all Trust policies on the Lighthouse Schools Partnership website and can access this via the link below:

Lighthouse Schools Partnership

Other school policies remain specific to Chew Valley School and you can find these below:

Assessment & Marking Policy 2016

Attendance Policy 2015

Behaviour & Bullying Policies 2014

Drugs Policy 2016

E-Safety Policy 2014

Exams Policy 2015

Equalities Policy 2016

Grouping, Curriculum & Monitoring Policy 2016

Homework Policy 2013

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education Policy 2017

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2014

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2017

School Uniform Policy 2016

Social Media Policy 2016

Special Educational Needs Policy 2015

Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy 2014

Young Carers Policy 2016