A Parent's View of Ten Tors 2016

We have just started to try to recover from last weekend.  We were at the start line once again, together with other parents, at 7 am on Saturday to try to support the teams that set off on an incredible journey. There were some 2400+ 14-18 year olds taking part. Chew Valley School had three teams of six extraordinary youngsters who chose to embark on the greatest challenge of their young lives. 

One team was doing 35 miles, one 45 (as if 35 and 45 miles were not enough) but the less sane students of our school were embarking on a 55 mile endurance test of physical and mental ability.

35 miles is ridiculous, 45 miles is another 10 miles on top of being ridiculous, a challenge that is so unbelievable in terms of achievement. But 55 miles is total madness.  That aside it is proof that if you believe in yourself then anything is possible. The difference in those 10 miles between challenges is beyond description. 

All three teams completed the task in excellent time and all of them were exceptional in terms of all the qualities needed to take on this incomparable trek.  I can only speak for the 55 mile team this year because that was my personal experience: my son was one of a team of six taking on the ultimate 10 Tors challenge. 

The bond that those six youngsters had was wonderful.  They had trained meticulously in the lead up and on the actual event they were a dream team.  They did us proud but more than that they did themselves proud and their experience is something they will never forget.

Unless you were there you will never understand the depth of emotion that both participants and parents experienced. You can catch a glimpse in the photos of the bond that these young people have, not only the 55 team but the other teams too. All of them should be recognised as heroes.

We cannot thank Jo Hibbert and her team enough for what they have done, not only for this last weekend but all the years prior to this year’s event.