Study Camp - A Huge Success


Chew Valley School held its first Study Camp during the Easter Holiday.  But what exactly was Study Camp?


Mr Mallett explained:  ‘Well it wasn’t under canvas – nor was it a Boot Camp for the idle! The Study Camp idea came to me last year when I took my daughter away for five days to revise for her school exams.  We did some intensive work together and I provided a supportive environment for her to get on with her revision by herself.  It was a winning combination and left me wondering whether we could set up something in school which would provide the same combination for Chew Valley students.’


The Easter Study Camp ran for five days.  Y11 were invited to sign up, free of charge, and commit themselves to a week’s revision at school from 9.00 – 1.30 in anticipation of their GCSE examinations.  Ninety two students of all abilities signed up and attended.  Teachers were paid volunteers who gave up some of their holiday to put on revision sessions and be available for one-to-one tutoring.


Study Camp Headteacher, Jon Walford commented: ‘It exceeded our most optimistic expectations.  The pupils were very motivated and the atmosphere around the school was relaxed but focused on getting ready for the exams.  The evaluations from pupils and staff are unanimous in their praise for what we all achieved together at Study Camp.’


Students said they loved having the freedom to study by themselves and greatly appreciated the one to one support to go over topics they didn’t understand.  As one exuberant teenager put it, ‘I LOVED it!  It was mint!’