Elise wins First Prize in Bath Literature Festival

Elise Davies in year 10 has won first prize in the Bath Literature Festival Young Writers' Competition. Elise's poem was inspired by the idea of 'Wild Places', the theme of this year's festival.  The poem was praised by the judges for its powerful simplicity and the way the character seemed to grow emotionally, as well as physically,  as the poem developed. As part of her prize, Elise has also won a writing workshop for the school.
Well done, Elise!  Here is the winning poem.

First Prize, Poetry 15 - 18 years


I Wish I Were Big


I wish I were big,

Have long legs to keep up with the older children,

I could lead the games at school,

Look down on the little ones,

I could rule the school.

I wish I were big,

No more forests of legs as I walk down the street,

Strange men stepping on my feet,

Huge faces smiling down at me,

No more hiding behind mummy,

I could be brave.

I wish I were big,

I could stay up late at night,

wouldn't it be great,

I would make the monster in cupboard disappear,

Just like Mummy does,

Have no fear of darkness,

I could be brave.

I wish I were big,

I could tie up shoelaces like Daddy does,

Drive the car to work,

No more playing with imaginary friends,

I could have a real adventure,

If only I were big,

One day I will be big,

Enter the grownups’ world,

Leave the wild place of a small child's mind,

I will walk and talk like they do,

My games will become real,

Will be more than imagination,

I will be like that one day,

I will be big.


By Elise Davies

Chew Valley School