Extended Project Celebration Evening Success

Congratulations to the year 13 students who took part in the Extended Project Celebration Evening at Chew Valley School on Monday 10th of March.  All of the students impressed parents, teachers and governors as they exhibited and discussed their fascinating research with a high level of knowledge and enthusiasm.  The studies included such topics as:

  • How do authors shape invented languages of the future to fit their literary purposes?
  • The Franco Effect: How Francoism has affected Spain in the 21st Century.
  • How is antibiotic resistance affecting pharmaceutical research and development into new antimicrobial agents?
  • The Agri-App Revolution: What conditions are conducive to the successful implementation of agri-apps in Kenya and to what extent can they be emulated elsewhere?

I would like to thank everyone involved in helping with the organisation of the evening; their help was much appreciated by both myself and the students.

Mr Jones