Refugee Action

The Fundraising and Amnesty teams are co-ordinating a project to collect items to send to refugees in Syria and Greece. Our plan is to ask all year groups in school to bring in various resources that we can donate to refugees in need of key everyday items. The items will be taken to a charity in Manchester who will deliver direct to refugees in need. Each year group has been allocated a category of items to bring in with a competition for those in lower year groups i.e. years 7, 8 and 9. As well as this we want to raise money to purchase other items that are perhaps too expensive for any one year group to organise, these items would include things like sleeping bags, blankets etc.

Items can be passed onto tutors in morning registrations over the next week. Thanks for all your support with this worthy project.

The categories are as follows:

      Year 7 - food
    Year 8 – food
      Year 9 - clothing and food
        Year 10 – hygiene
        Year 11 – hygiene
        Sixth form - clothes bank in the common room
        Teachers - medical supplies

      A more detailed list is below:
      Food - MUST have at least 6 months and have date clearly marked, no glass jars please
      Baby purees/ready meals. (No meat)
      Baby milk readymade in liquid form (not powder)
      Canned fish, and vegetables (no beans)
      Cereal or energy bars Dried fruit, dates and nuts
      Practical Items: Baby slings Blankets, Rucksacks, Sleeping bags, Sleeping mats, Tents - lightweight Torches(ideally wind up), Tin Openers, Umbrellas, Writing materials
      Hygiene no aerosols please, Baby Wipes, Baby nappy cream, Hand sanitizer, Nappies (disposable only), Sanitary pads (not tampons), Shampoo/shower gel, Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Deodorant (roll on)
      Medical (issued by medical staff on the ground). Baby painkillers e.g. Calpol, Ibuprofen, Medical tape, Plasters, Paracetamol, Sterile dressings
      Clothing: please make sure these are clean and in good condition. (2nd hand is ok, as long as you would wear it!) Waterproof ponchos, Baby clothes, Belts, Shoes, trainers, flip flops and walking boots (not city shoes or leather). Socks and new underwear for all ages. Winter and waterproof Coats/jackets, Hats, gloves, scarves Winter Clothes for men, women & children (not woollens as these are difficult to dry out once they get wet).