Ten Travel to Teen Tech

On Wednesday 9th Oct, ten year eight and nine students accompanied by Mr Walford attended the first South West Teen Tech conference at UWE in Bristol, along with 300 other students from 30 other local schools. The Conference was opened by Maggie Philbin and the students’ day was split into three sections.

First up was a Challenge zone, where we met £30k mannequins who blinked and breathed in a most life-like way, used by UWE’s Health Science department to train health workers without damaging real humans. Issy Twiggs and Ruth Emery won the challenge set by the National Composites Council to build a lightweight bridge that would bear the most weight by such a margin that the presenters were astounded! In the Insight Zone students were given 15 minute workshops by companies such as Dyson, Rennishaw, Airbus, Rolls Royce and Active Robots whose robot doing the Gang Nam Style was the hit of the conference for many of us. Finally, in the Innovation zone, we were given a talk on App production from the professionals, then given 30 minutes to come up with an App design and pitch it to the rest of the conference, pressure indeed. Needless to say our students rose to the challenge and the pitch was a great success!