Y7-10 Exam Weeks Information

During the latter stages of Term 5 and the early weeks of Term 6, Years 7 to 10 have calendared exam weeks for assessments within subjects. These are internal examinations set by subject teachers and marked internally within school. They may then inform, or at least part-inform, the end of year reports which are published for each year group. The rationale for the exam weeks is to provide students with an opportunity to experience end of year assessments similar to those at the end of Year 11 and beyond. The aim is to gradually make the experience less daunting, and, very importantly, to afford students the invaluable opportunity to learn work covered over an extended period of time to replicate the changing nature of assessment at GCSE and beyond.

The table below outlines the dates of the calendared exam weeks (which has previously been published in the Term 5 & 6 calendar on the website). However, there are some instances where assessments may fall outside these windows due to resources that are required, for example. As such, we always urge students to make a note of their exam days with their subject teachers when they find out about them, in addition to teaching staff noting any dates on the homework section of the Insight portal. 

Year Group

Exam week 'window'* 

Year 9

May 3rd - 6th  

Year 7

May 23rd – 27th

Year 8

June 6th – 10th

Year 10

June 13th – 17th

*(some assessments may fall outside this if communicated by subject staff)

Please do encourage your sons and daughters to prepare for the assessments as best they can as the learning experiences, feedback and confidence they can provide them are very useful to support their progress as they move through the school.