Year 7 Humanities Trip to Wells

On Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th June, year 7 went on an educational trip to the Bishop’s Palace and Cathedral in Wells. They endured a selection of exciting activities in and around the Bishop's Palace. This included a tour around Wells cathedral. They found it very interesting and were told all about the famous bishops buried below. They found out different pieces of information and learned about the cost of all the stained glass windows and memorials. Other activities included a tour around the moat aided by a very nice guide called Pam Morris, a quick dress up session where they learnt all about life as a middle ages peasant including grinding flour by hand and fetching and carrying water in a wooden bucket. They also had an unforgettable trip up to the galleries where they saw the portraits of all the Bishops from the olden days.

All the students had a fabulous time and learnt a lot from the educational trip! It was really fun and all tutors and staff enjoyed it! We hope to have more trips in the future and a huge thanks to Mrs Shuttleworth and her team for organising it.

By Ellie Jenkins and Molly Foskett, 7A